Back in the mid-fifties the Adam Trautwein Winery started purchasing not only wines and musts but also grapes from the producers. Many wine-growers have now been supplying Trautwein for three generations.

BWG Alzey eG
In 1991 a supply and purchase contract was signed with the members of BWG Alzey eG [District Producers Co-operative]. In autumn they deliver approximately 1.2 million kg of grapes to the grape reception in Lonsheim.

Rheinhessen-Winzer eG
The members of Rheinhessen Winzer eG [another District Producers Co-operative] decided unanimously to deliver their harvest to Adam Trautwein Winery from 2008 forth.

Erzeugergemeinschaft Loreley-Mittelrhein e.V.
Since 2009 Adam Trautwein Winery has taken over the harvest of about 40 hectares of vinyards from the production area “Mittelrhein”.

Winzergenossenschaft Rheingrafenberg eG
Since 2013 we cooperate with the winegrowers’ cooperative of the Nahe valley concerning grape processing and storage of musts.

St. Margaret’s GmbH
The brokerage buys grapes, wines and musts from the producers for Adam Trautwein winery.

Rösch GmbH
The forwarder has the disposal of 20 truck trailers; five of them are special vehicles with pressure tanks for transporting sparkling wine. The company guarantees the prompt delivery of the ordered wine.

Trautwein Hungaria KFT
In our modern winery in the south of Hungary we produce exclusively cold fermented wines obtained from in-house pressing for the international market.

Together with our partners we enable you to become successful.