Quality is what the customer wants, what he enjoys.

Our declared goal is to produce high quality wines even in huge quantities for every pocket.
Wine quality starts in the vinyards. Thanks to long-term supply and purchase contracts with the producers, we have succeeded in gaining influence on the cultivation of grapes in the vineyards and the timing of harvesting. In autumn our expertly trained staff are assisted by internationally operating winemakers.
Using the very latest winery technology we vinifi the wine from the grape to high-quality wine.

We set a high value on permanent quality controls: i.e. control of the grape quality, selection of musts, daily fermentation control and documentation through fermentation graphs, constant tasting by a committee of experts, and continuous laboratory analyses.

The wines are stored in stainless steel tanks and leave the winery for the specified delivery date only after a careful end control.

In recent years the certifications of several independent control instances have proven the success of our quality management. We are certified by IFS, SGF International and by DLG.